Setting up SSH keys for authentication

Encrypted cloud connection

Here are the steps how to add an SSH key for authentication on a linux machine.

SSH keypairs are combination of a public key that you can share on your remote machines and a private key that you should store securely and use for accessing the remote machines. They add both better security than passwords and less effort to remember different password for each server you log on.

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Generating SSH keys in Linux

This article can help you on generating SSH keypair for authentication to your remote machines. The benefits of using SSH keys are the added security in compare with password authentication and the ease that you can you the same keypair to connect to multiple sites and remote machines, by just sharing you public key and keeping your private key secure.

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CVE-2019–3924 Mikrotik Dude agent vulnerability

A new vulnerability has been reported in the Mikrotik Dude agent. The issue eventually allows an attacker to proxy requests through the Winbox port on the vulnerable device. The CVE-2019–3924 has been published on February 21st, but there is already an update for the Mikrotik RouterOS that fixes it.

As the vulnerability relies on being able to publicly access the Winbox port, it doesn’t affect router with active firewall.

The issue is fixed in RouterOS versions:

  • 6.43.12 (2019-02-11 14:39)
  • 6.44beta75 (2019-02-11 15:26)
  • 6.42.12 (2019-02-12 11:46)

Setup SSH Keys with ssh-copy-id

In the article below, you can find quick and easy explanation how to generate and setup ssh keys between two hosts.
SSH keys have two major benefits – added security and easier management of multiple hosts with one public key. Nowadays, it gets more and more popular with the eve of the Automation era – you know, keeping THE passwords in a file is not the best security.

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