Cloud services made solid and simple

Our core mission is to make all ‘infrastructure’ tasks, a better, reliable and simple to use services.

All cloud services are billed on a pay-as-you-go model, down to the second. No hidden fees and no minimum subscription. Pay only what you use.

Cloud Servers

Cloud Servers provides a high performance server infrastructure for wide range of applications. Serve your web pages, host web applications, deliver services, run development environments and many more.

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Cloud Workstations

Cloud Workstations bring the full power of the cloud to your daily work. Move your working environment to a Cloud Workstation and run heavy tasks, store your data securely and access your workplace from anywhere.

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Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage is and easy yet powerful upgrade to both Servers and Workstations. Add more storage, resize, attach and detach drives at any time even during operation of the machine.

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Cloud DNS

Cloud DNS is a high performance, highly available DNS hosting service. Manage your domains and DNS records and deliver the best network access experience for your applications and services.

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Cloud Routers

Cloud Router is a combinations of powerful infrastructure and best network operating systems. Powerful cloud based network appliances can now be used for routing and switching, cloud network load balancing, firewalls VPN servers and plenty of other network applications.

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