We started CloudBalkan in 2014 with the mission to build a solid infrastructure service provider in the Balkans region, although today CloudBalkan delivers worldwide services to thousands of users. Focusing on always delivering the best performance, simple to use service and great technical support, we’ve designed and built CloudBalkan with the idea to innovate and improve cloud services.





Our own datacenter in Sofia is a state of the art, modern Tier II facility. Water cooled server racks improve service quality and power efficency way above a traditional datacenter. High density computing chasses provide the core cloud power. A high speed 40Gbps multiple redundant storage network ensures high availability for cloud servers and machines, but also delivers a low latency, high performance scalable storage. Multiple power feed lines and Uninterruptable Power Supplies guarantee the highest uptime for CloudBalkan services.




To develope rich feature set and simplistic interface CloudBalkan is built around proprietary cloud orchestration software. An dedicated engineering team develops and improves CloudBalkan to deliver new tools and services for the best cloud platform in the world. Development of the platform started in 2013 and little more than an year later was open for the first public tests. Five years later CloudBalkan has prooven stability while it still keeps the simplicity for our users.






Our support team constantly monitors and proactively manages the complex infrstructure, ensuring your servers and workstations are smoothly running. Early notification systems alerts the engineering teams for any sign of potential problem. Automated systems dynamically manage workloads and can live migrate machines, with zero downtime,  to guarantee the best service and performance for our clients. Network Operations Center constantly supervises the cloud operation and provides 24×7 support to customers.