Ubuntu 19.04 has been just released

Disco Dingo is the name of the new major release. What we know so far is that the new version uses the Linux 5.0 Kernel. It also upgrades its toolchain to introduce new versions like libc 2.29, OpenJDK 11, boost 1.67, rustc 1.31, and updated GCC 8.3, optional GCC 9, Python 3.7.3 as default, ruby 2.5.5, php 7.2.15, perl 5.28.1, golang 1.10.4. QEMU is now updated to version 3.1. And a few other changes are enlisted in the full release notes. Read More

Linux 5.0 Kernel has been released

The new major version of the Linux Kernel has just been released. Although it is a change in the major version, in Linux Kernels world that doesn’t necessarily mean huge changes. In this case the new version is just more improvements, bug fixes and patches applied. As Linus Torvalds pointed out in the release notes the Linux Kernel doesn’t do features based releases, and 5.0 is more of a version naming change, instead of going into 4.x with larger numbers. A large amount of those fixes are focused on hardware drivers improvements and features.

Linux Kernel 5.0 is officially released.

Planned maintenance on core networking – Sat, March 02, 2019 – 9:00 – 10:00 UTC

We’ll be performing a planned maintenance on a core part of our network.We are changing several configurations concerning the Layer 2 physical networking.

This might cause several short interruptions during the 1 hour maintenance window on Sat, March 02, 2019 – 9:00 – 10:00 UTC.

If you experience any service disruption outside the maintenance window, please report it through our support channels.

CVE-2019–3924 Mikrotik Dude agent vulnerability

A new vulnerability has been reported in the Mikrotik Dude agent. The issue eventually allows an attacker to proxy requests through the Winbox port on the vulnerable device. The CVE-2019–3924 has been published on February 21st, but there is already an update for the Mikrotik RouterOS that fixes it.

As the vulnerability relies on being able to publicly access the Winbox port, it doesn’t affect router with active firewall.

The issue is fixed in RouterOS versions:

  • 6.43.12 (2019-02-11 14:39)
  • 6.44beta75 (2019-02-11 15:26)
  • 6.42.12 (2019-02-12 11:46)

Cloud Notes – your cloud notebook for ideas and thoughts

A simple, built in notes application simply on the right place. That is what Cloud Notes adds to our new control panel. You can write down short notes regarding your servers and infrastructure and you’ll always find them handy, right beside your cloud management. The tool started as an internal addition to the control panel. We were looking for the fastest way to store some small amount of useful information about servers. And while notes, reminders and such types of applications are extremely common, having this nice little tool right into the cloud control panel appears to be very helpful. Keep track of some configuration, save some notes for later on, write down an issue you’ve encountered. Just like a little notebook in your backpack when you’re visiting the data center.

Best of all Cloud Notes is not a paper, so it doesn’t cost anything. It’s free!

You can find Cloud Notes in the middle of the left sidebar in your control panel. Just start a new note, write down something and click save. It can be anything from just a few words to a full configuration, snippet from a server log or simply a description of a brilliant idea you just got while you were starting your new server. Later on you can improve it.

Notes is your modern quick way to put down your ideas and thoughts.