CloudBalkan Terms of Service

Current as of: 25/05/2018

The following terms and conditions apply to all services provided by StandByte EOOD, Bulgaria, Sofia and the website, all referred below as CloudBalkan.

The “Terms and Conditions of Use” has been updated on 25/05/2018 and applies as from 25/05/2018 for currently exisitng by the date of the updates users. All updates apply immediately for new users.

  1. General terms

    1. CloudBalkan is a suite of online services provided and supported by StandByte EOOD, Bulgaria.
    2. CloudBalkan provides online services including but not limited to hosting, data processing and computing services, all referred hereunder as Services.
    3. Users are all persons, legal entities and institutions who agree to use the CloudBalkan services by registering at
    4. CloudBalkan services are provided to users after registration on the website.
    5. All Services are subject to availability and are provided under the terms and conditions specified in this Agreement.
    6. All users accept the following terms and conditions by submitting the registration form for the services, giving consent to adhere to the terms and conditions at any further point of use on the website and all other services provided by CloudBalkan.
    7. CloudBalkan will inform registered users over email for changes of the terms and conditions in timely manner.
    8. StandByte EOOD is authorized to modify the content of the terms and conditions and specify the timeframe of those changes taking place for all current and future users.
  2. Services

    1. Services provided by CloudBalkan include but are not limited to:
      1. Virtual Private Servers (VPS) and Virtual Machines hosting referred as “Virtual Servers”, “Virtual Machines”, “Cloud Servers” or “Cloud Machines”.
      2. Domain Name Services (DNS) referred as “DNS” or “Cloud DNS”.
      3. Internet Protocol (IP) services referred as “IP Services”, “Network” or “Cloud Network”
    2. CloudBalkan may also offer and provide additional Services not specified here.
    3. CloudBalkan reserves the right to refuse any Service for any reason.
    4. CloudBalkan also reserves the right to temporarily interrupt Services for planned or unplanned maintenance.
    5. CloudBalkan has the right to permanently terminate Services to an User in case of a violation of the Terms and Conditions.
    6. CloudBalkan may also permanently terminate Services in its sole discretion at any time or no reason. In this case CloudBalkan provides the User with thirty (30) days written notice by email.
    7. CloudBalkan doesn’t provide any warranties for the services provided and may not be held responsible for service unavailability under any circumstances except the cases explicitly described in section Service Level Agreement.
    8. CloudBalkan doesn’t provide any support and is not responsible for any software applications, information and user data installed or stored on CloudBalkans servers.
  3. Services Billing

    1. All Services are calculated and billed down to seconds and prorated by the hourly rates specified on the website.
    2. RAM and CPU services on Cloud Servers and Virtual Machines are ephemeral resources and are billed only for the time while the Cloud Server is in “Running” state.
    3. Storage is a permanent resource and is billed for all the time while it exists, regardless of any Cloud Servers states.
    4. Consumed Services are taken from the Accounts Credits.
    5. Services are temporarily suspended if all Account Credits are used and there is insufficient Account Credit.
    6. Permanent resources are still being billed in case of Service suspension as the data stored in storage is still kept.
    7. In case of temporary account suspension Users are granted 14 day period to add Account Credits to their account to resume Services.
    8. After the 14 day granted period, all account services are permanently terminated. This includes all Virtual Machines being deleted and all permanent storages also deleted.
    9. Important: All Users data will be lost in case of permanent termination.
  4. Payment

    1. Users can add Account Credits using any of the following payment methods:
      1. Online credit or debit card processing
      2. PayPal
      3. Bank transfer (contact for details)
    2. Users pay for Services usage with the available Account Credits in their CloudBalkan account.
    3. Account Credits are not refundable and cannot under any circumstances be exchanged for any other services except the Services provided by CloudBalkan and described in this Agreement.
  5. User responsibilities

    1. By registering at the user accepts the following responsibilities for the usage of CloudBalkan services.
    2. Users are allowed to use CloudBalkan leased infrastructure as a service for unspecified time, adhering to the terms and conditions, and paying for the service according to the “Services Billing” and “Payment” sections.
    3. Users are not allowed to:
      1. Publish, broadcast and deliver in any way data, computer applications, images, audio and video materials and any other information that doesn’t adhere to the “Terms and conditions” and active Bulgarian and European Union laws.
      2. Publish, broadcast and deliver in any way data, computer applications, images, audio and video materials and any other information that are violating third party licenses, patents, copyrights or any other type of ownership.
      3. Publish, broadcast and deliver in any way information containing child pornography, illegal drugs, weapons, documents violating any country’s national security, materials that hurt and disrespect people or group of people human rights.
      4. Publish, broadcast and deliver malware, computer viruses and any other type of harmful content.
      5. Use of Cloud Machines for harmful computer hacking against other users or third parties.
      6. Use of Cloud Machines for delivering unwanted email or information generally defined as SPAM.
      7. Use of Cloud Machines for denial of service attacks.
    4. Any violation of the above will result in immediate termination of services and may lead to legal consequences for the User.
  6. Disclaimer

      1. CloudBalkan is a service provided by StandByte EOOD according to this “Terms and Conditions of Use” document, with the given consent of every registered user.
      2. StandByte EOOD as a service provider is obligated to only supporting the infrastructure and virtualization technology for the service and could NOT be held in any way responsible for users behavior that violates the agreed “Terms and Conditions of Use”, any country’s laws and any third parties legal issues.
      3. CloudBalkan is NOT and cannot be held responsible for:
        1. Any use of the service in violation of the “Terms and Conditions of Use”
        2. Any harm caused by the User to third parties
        3. Any harm caused by third parties to the User
        4. Any information and contents stored by the User on its servers (content remains property and responsibility of the User)
      4. CloudBalkan is disclaimed of the service delivery in the following cases:
        1. Service unavailability due to maintenance, infrastructure upgrades and interventions for which the User has been notified by an email or a message posted on the website at least 48 hours prior the maintenance.
        2. Service unavailability due to “Force majeure” circumstances, natural disasters, technical issues out of StandByte EOOD network and infrastructure and any other event or irresistible force.
        3. Service termination due to User violation of the “Terms and Conditions of Use”.
        4. Service termination due to legally reasoned external request for which the User is emailed (confirmation by User is not required).

    CloudBalkan is also disclaimed for any:

      1. Users material and personal damages due to service unavailability uncovered by the SLA
      2. Third party material and personal damages caused by the use of CloudBalkan Services
    1. Any violation of the “Terms and Conditions of Use” will result in immediate permanent termination of Services.
    2. StandByte EOOD will fully cooperate with legal authorities in case of abusive, illegal or inappropriate use of the Services.
    3. StandByte EOOD may grant access to User data stored on servers in case of lawful requirement for the needs of investigation and prosecution.

All users agree to adhere to the “Terms and Conditions of Use” by registering for CloudBalkan services.