We are moving forward! For good, for the even better services and for one more solid ground for your web sites.

As of August 1st, 2019 our web hosting service – HostBalkan (which started in 2017) will become an integral part of the CloudBalkan platform. But what does it mean – how does it change anything, when HostBalkan is already part of our family?

It is true that HostBalkan runs on CloudBalkan. And for almost two years it was an extremely happy service as it had just zero downtime. But until now it was still quite seperated from our core services in terms of user experience and features. HostBalkan started as very traditional shared web hosting service, running on an advanced and solid cloud infrastructure. This means that it was just filling the empty space for our users who demand web site space, but now we have much more to deliver.

Integrating HostBalkan in CloudBalkan puts the mark of a new generation web hosting service. One that is so simple and easy to manage that everyone can be present on the web with just a touch – the way it should be. A secure web hosting service that will not leave you alone in the wild web, but will protect your website anytime from any threat. Feature rich and innovative service for everyone who demands the best in class.

HostBalkan will introduce a new control panel, state of the art Denial-of-Service protection, better than ever service performance, the good old zero downtime, advanced monitoring and analytics and more.

Come back in a while for more information.

HostBalkan – a web hosting on a solid ground.