Cloud services are a broad family, but most often they share some key specifics:

  • You pay-as-you-go – cloud services are billed based on usage.
  • You can seamlessly scale, expanding your usage based on your current demand.
  • It provides a ready to use solution. You don’t need to invest in building something, that is already built and supported for you.

No. We focus more on providing infrastructre like Linux servers for example for web hosting or running your own cloud storage service using ownCloud for example.


All cloud services provided by CloudBalkan are billed based on the usage and time (in seconds). 

Any changes in the usage are calculated exactly for the duration they were active.

No. Our policy is to have clear, simple and transparent billing. 

All costs are provided in “per hour” and “per month” pricings and are calculated down to the seconds of resource usge.

Cloud Servers

Yes, all Cloud Servers are assigned one public IPv4 address.

You can turn on and off your server as many as you want. Your data is stored on the persistent storage for the entire lifetime of your server.

Cloud Workstations

Using Remote Desktop Protocol and a Remote Desktop Client from any machine with internet connection.

Cloud Storage

You can add up to 64 drives per machine.

No. Storage cannot be shared between servers due to the specifics of the type of block storage.

Cloud DNS

No. There is no additional cost neither.