Service Level Agreement

    1. Service Level Agreement applies only to network services and host servers availability.
    2. Service Level Agreement does NOT cover any server software, operating systems, configurations or any other product or service within the Users virtual machines.
    3. Service Level Agreement does NOT apply in cases of outage due to Users action on Virtual Servers, or in cases of Service suspension or termination for any reason.
    4. CloudBalkan SLA delivers Monthly Service Availability: 99.995% or less than 2.17 minutes of downtime per month.
    5. Service Level Agreement applies only when the Users have informed CloudBalkan via email or a support ticket about the service outage being experienced.
    6. In case of confirmed service outage Users are compensated with Account Credits according the following table:
Outage time frame				Account Credits compensation
2.17 -  59 minutes				12 hours
60 - 119 minutes				24 hours
120 - 239 minutes				48 hours
240 - 479 minutes				120 hours
480+ minutes					732 hours (1 month)