Move your workplace on scalable, future proof platform of the Cloud Workstations.

Cloud Workstations are a special sort of machines running in the cloud, similar to Cloud Servers, but focused on delivering desktop experience and graphical working environment.

You can use Cloud Workstations for any daily job from simply browsing the web, through using any tools and programs up to running complex computational tasks. Take advantage of the seamless scalability of the cloud and scale your system resources on demand. Utilize high CPU and RAM for your work and never ever experience the limits of your hardware again.

Store all you work, personal data, photos, documents, applications and anything on the secure and reliable Cloud Storage. Your data can’t be lost in hardware failure anymore. 

Pay only for what you use. When you need more RAM just scale up and once you no longer utilize it just scale down. No upfront investment in hardware.


Cloud Workstations pricing is simple and clear. You pay only for the time your machine is using a certain amount of resources.

There are no additional charges on bandwidth, data, disk operations or anything. All costs are listed in the table below.

Server RAM CPU Storage Price
Workstation 0.5GB 0.5GB 1 Core 32GB €0.007/h €5/mo
Workstation 1GB 1GB 2 Core 64GB €0.014/h €10/mo
Workstation 2GB 2GB 2 Core 96GB €0.028/h €20/mo
Workstation 4GB 4GB 4 Core 128GB €0.056/h €40/mo
Workstation 8GB 8GB 8 Core 160GB €0.112/h €80/mo
Workstation 16GB 16GB 16 Core 200GB €0.224/h €160/mo

Operating System Images

Cloud Workstations are based on desktop versions of Linux distributions. All workstation images come with GUI and are accessible over Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP).

The following operating system images are currently available and supported:

Operating System Available Versions
Ubuntu Desktop 16.04

Accessing your Cloud Workstation

Cloud Workstations are focused on desktop experience. You can access you Workstation over Remote Desktop Protocol using any standard client.

Similar to Cloud Servers your Cloud Workstation can be also accessed over SSH. You can use any standard SSH client.

To connect to your new workstation, after starting it, wait for the initialization process to complete and get the assigned IP address.

For Linux / MacOS X users you can use any standard Remote Deskstop Client.

For Windows users, you can use the built-in Remote Desktop Client. Just open an Remote Desktop connection to the IP address of your Cloud Workstation.

The RDP on your Cloud Workstation is available on the standard port: 3389

Resizing a Cloud Workstation

You can resize your Cloud Workstation at any time. From the Servers dashboard in the Control Center, go to the workstation you want to resize. In the top bar you will  find the resize button which will lead you to the resize screen. There you can select the new size for your workstation.

Resizing your server will immediately restart the machine!

Rebuilding a Cloud Workstation

At any point you can rebuild your Cloud Workstation by starting it from a clean operating system image, or changing it’s operating system image. From the Servers dashboard in the Control Center, go to the workstation you want to rebuild. In the top bar your will find the “rebuild” button  where you can choose the same or a new image.

Rebuild requires you to set a new password for the “root” user.

Rebuilding your workstation will ERASE all data on the root partition!

Additional Resources

You can add additional storage to your Cloud Workstation using Cloud Storage.

Additional IPv4 addresses can be assigne to your workstation. Please contact support for more details.