Cloud Networking week

This week we are focusing on networking. We want to share a bit more about cloud routers and how to start your virtualized network infrastructure on CloudBalkan. As our Cloud Routers service started with the Mikrotik Cloud Hosted Router, we’ll focus on the RouterOS as well. You can learn how to setup an Virtual Private Netowrk hub on the cloud or how to setup a powerful firewall in just a few minutes. Keep an eye on the blog and you’ll find a lot interesting articles on networking.

Meanwhile we start the week with some of our team attending at the Mikrotik User Meeting in Romania so we’ll make sure to bring some news from there as well. The Mikrotik User Meeting is an event organized by Mikrotik to gather network engineers, professionals and people interested in networking. As Mikrotik started a huge shift in cloud networking and network virtualization by introducing the Cloud Hosted Router we are thrilled to see what is coming up and what can we expect from the Mikrotik RouterOS in the near future. We’ll keep you updated on the Mikrotik news as well.