Enable remote access to MySQL database

Sometimes you might need to remotely access a MySQL database. As a security measure, by default that is prohibitted, but on your own responsibility we’ll show you how you can make it work.

There are two changes you should make on a clean MySQL installation – first enable the MySQL server to listen on all networks and second to create an user allowed to connect from any client.

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How to install MySQL server on Ubuntu 16.04

For years on MySQL is one of the most popular database server. In this short article we’ll help setup your MySQL server on Ubuntu Server 16.04.


Installation is pretty simple. Just update your ‘apt’ package lists and install the ‘mysql-server’ package:

apt update

apt install mysql-server


The only dialog during the installation will ask you to set the password for the ‘root’ user:

Pay attention and remember the password. You’ll need it later to access your database!


Once the installation is complete you can connect to your new database server using the ‘mysql’ command line interface:

mysql -u root -p

Which will bring you in the ‘mysql’ prompt:



That’s all you need to setup a MySQL database server.