A lot more cloud storage for the same price at CloudBalkan

   Hi CloudBalkanians,

   We’re happy to announce that we’re increasing the storage space for you cloud server up to double, keeping the same price.

   CloudBalkan has done some hard work to provide you more, solid storage space, and we’ll keep constantly improving our cloud services in response to your needs.


   We are giving you more storage for your ideas

   All cloud server plans get more storage space. The smallest plan, the 0.5G RAM is now resized to 32GB of storage. Enough for more data and application even when you don’t need lots of computing power yet. You can get up to 160GB storage with our 8G RAM cloud virtual machine.

   Check the updated plans on the prices page.


   How can you start using the new cloud storage spaces?

   We’ve updated all of our current plans. As this update is free we’ve enabled the upgraded storage space for all current virtual machines and servers. You can start using it immediately, just by resizing your servers partition.

   All new virtual machines and servers are built with the new specification. We won’t offer legacy plans as you simply get the more storage for absolutely no added cost.


   What makes the cloud servers at CloudBalkan better?

   We work hard and smart to provide a solid service for your business. But solid doesn’t have to mean complex or expensive for you. Adding a lot more storage space to our cloud servers aims to enable you to acomplish more and more tasks when data is getting bigger.

   We are now making the fast and reliable storage provided by CloudBalkan nearly double, for the same price.


   So you can start your big ideas on solid ground.