We are proud to take part in one specifically awesome and inspiring event this week. Hack30xTUES is a school hackathon organized by the students from the Technological School Electronic Systems in Sofia, but this years fourth edition is even a bigger event. Sharing the year of the 30th anniversary of the school and promoting three equally interesting topics for the projects, Hack30XTUES is an extraordinary gathering of the best young IT talents.

More than 200 students, divided into 45 teams designed all sorts of impressive and thrilling project varying from machine learning algorithms applied for text summarization, through old style game simulators like the famous Tanks and some more that got us back in the ’80s and ’90s, wonderful and useful tools, and even a processor simulator displaying the mechanism of the ALU build from Arduinos.

We were happy ot join such a spectacular event as hosting partner, providing 45 servers for the teams and some awesome awards for two of the teams.