Your first steps on the cloud

Hi CloudBalkanians,

We’ve designed a cloud that makes your server management as simple as possible, to save your time and give a solid ground for your ideas.

You can start a cloud server for your new project in 5 clicks.

To help you make the choices we have put together a few recommendations how to start.

   Choosing the right one

   Cloud Server - RAM, CPU and Storage

Cloud service is all about scaling. You don’t need to invest upfront. Plan your cloud infrastructure on your current and near future demand.

It takes just a few seconds to scale up when you get to the need for more power.

If you don’t have any specific requirements you can follow these very general rules:

  •        0.5GB – 1GB RAM: Development or less than 100 concurrent users
  •        2GB – 4GB RAM: Up to few hundreds concurrent users application and database servers
  •        4GB – 8GB: High performance application servers, database servers.

Better capacity planning requires in deep application performance analysis.

   Operating System

Cloud Servers - Linux Operating Systems

Choose an operating system for your server. Keep in mind that you will have to use the ‘Rebuild’ functionality, to change this later, which will wipe your data.

   Server Options
Cloud Servers - Server Options

Set your server’s display name and ‘root’ user password.

The ‘root’ password is important, you will need it soon to connect to your server. You can click on ‘See’ button to reveal the random generated password or you can enter your own.

   Ready, Set, Go!

When you are ready, just hit the ‘Create’ button to launch your cloud server. It will take less than a minute and your server is ready for use.

Once you see the green ‘Running’ bar and an IP address your server is already waiting for work.

Cloud Servers - Server status and IP Address

   First time access

To connect to your cloud server, you will need an SSH client, the server’s IP address and the ‘root’ user password.

You can use PuTTY for Windows to connect to your new cloud server.

Your server is now ready.

Grow your ideas big, on a solid ground.


If you have any questions about your CloudBalkan Cloud Server just contact us.


Have a good day!


Grow your ideas on solid ground!