CloudBalkan – Operating Green

   Hi CloudBalkanians,

   Today we want to take your attention on a little bit different aspect of technology.

   Humans are innovative. We rely on technology a lot in our lives. But with the strive for evolving it, people focus on making things faster and bigger, which is often not truly an improvement. We tend to forget that technology and innovation is about making the world a better place, before all the rest. Technology should not be against the nature.

   The CloudBalkan team is keen on technology, but we also share one more big thing in common – we love our nature.

   That’s why building our cloud we’ve truly innovated some of the key technologies, to achieve performance and scale, but not at the cost of ecology. Just the opposite!


   CloudBalkan facilities are one of the top notch energy efficient ones in the world.


   We’ve achieved 1.083 power usage effectiveness, which means that we use more than 91% of our energy for computing and we waste no more than 8.3% for cooling, ventilation, lightning and other auxiliaries. This is over three times better than the global average.

   We don’t use conventional HVAC systems because they are not clean and efficient enough. Instead we use water cooling systems that are not only better at efficiency but has also reduced the risk of cooling failures for our equipment in times.

   Powered by “80 Plus” certified power supplies and UPS devices we provide a solid ground for your computing needs in a cooler and smarter manner.

   Improving cooling and power supply, and reducing risk of failures we’ve easily achieved over 99.9% uptime of green running cloud servers.


   We build a next generation of infrastructure services for a better performance, high scalability, reliability and last but not least better environment.


   And you can now join it too.

   Grow your ideas smart, on a solid ground!