Backup files on a remote Linux server using ‘tar’ and SSH

   Have you ever been in the situation where you have to backup a server that is 100% full and you really can’t free up any space even to create an archive.

   Yeah if you’re on a cloud server you can just add some more storage, but how about when you’re actually migrating a physical one to the Cloud?


   There’s an easy, little one liner that could save you in that case:


       tar czf – /var/src_folder | ssh “cat > /var/dst_file.tar.gz”

   What it does is that it archives or tarbals the source folder, compresses the output and directly streams it over ssh to a remote server and save it into a file there.


   This way you don’t need any free space to temorarily store the archive on the source server.

   You could also use those command to backup your servers on a remote machine on a schedule using a cron.


   Your ideas on solid ground