How to install MongoDB Community Edition on Ubuntu Server 18.04

MongoDB is one of the most popular NoSQL database management systems. It is known for it’s simplicity, wide adoption and high scalability. That is why in this article we’ll show you the basics of installing a Mongo server on your cloud machine.

Installing Mongo on Ubuntu has some prerequisites. The packages available in the Ubuntu repositories are very outdated. So you’ll first need to add the official MongoDB repositories. Read More

How to install a Parse Server on a Cloud Server

A few years ago backend service was a big deal . It’s pure simplicity made it quite popular for mobile and web applications backend, but since 2017 the service was shut down, and Parse Server was born as an open source, self hosted solution.

In this article we’ll provide you the steps to setup your own Parse Server on CloudBalkan. You can use it as a simple yet very scalable and robust backend for your applications.

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