Advanced Data Center Telemetry

The Advanced Data Center Telemetry used in CloudBalkan data centers allows us to monitor any environment parameter – humidity and temperature, server cooling efficiency, power supply voltage and quality and dozens of indicators.

More the 240 sensors communicate in internal networks to report and keep record of the environmental qualities in our data centers.


Intelligent Power Distribution

An innovation in data center power distribution, allows us to reduce the chance of power outage to ridiculous levels. Active power management distributes the power from three independent power feeds to guarantee the best performance.

Zero downtime power switching enables a risk-less execution of our strict maintenance procedures, ensuring 100% uptime on the long run.

Active Alert Response

Automation is on astonishing level in our data centers. Most alerts trigger an automated procedure that prevent any potential risk for your servers. During the short time necessary for our engineers to investigate the trouble causer, cloud machines are safely live migrated to redundant capacities.

This process guarantees a seamless service for our customers.

Software Defined Data Center

Our most modern data center is build all around the belief that we can deliver a better data center services. Software enabled networking, servers, storage and data center infrastructure all work together to deliver you a brand new experience when you define your cloud.

APIs and cloud management provides a new level of features for you.